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why choose us?

Want high standards but don’t wish to rent?

This is where the house share really comes into its own. The fully furnished accommodation has been completely refurbished and no expense has been spared. Our interior designer has ensured that the feel and flow of the houses is just right and, when you view, we’re sure you will agree.

Want independence but don’t want to buy?

Our house share plan gives you independence without the commitments that go with home ownership. At the house share we take care of all the usual overheads, such as council tax, utilities, etc. This can be a good way of experiencing life away from home before taking the big plunge into buying your own property.

Want accommodation whilst looking for a property?

When you move into a new area you may be unsure where you want to put down roots or you may be waiting for a suitable property to come on the market. Don’t rush into either buying or, for that matter, renting. Your contract can be either short or long term, giving you time to find the right property.

Working away from home Monday to Friday?

If you are only working in the Crewe or Warrington areas from, say, Monday to Friday, the house share can be the answer. Rather than being stuck in a flat on your own, you can have the best of both worlds, your own room for a bit of solitude, and a lounge and eating area for socializing.

Want to make new friends?

Joining the house share is a good way of making friends. The lounge, kitchen and dining are designed to create a relaxing atmosphere where you can eat, talk and generally socialise. Some of your fellow house sharers will probably be working for some of the major local companies, so you are likely to be mixing with people like yourself.





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